kJohn William Godward(鼠标拖动改变大小)
kJohn William Godward
Nerissa Oil on canvas,
1906 152.4 x 82.6 cm
John William Godward
John William Godward England, Victorian Neoclassicism, b.1861 - d.1922 The serene beauty and astonishing technical execution of John William Godward's paintings contradict the fact that this important artist has received virtually no critical acclaim or art historical recognition. We know little about this artist's private life, which is not betrayed by his art. Melancholy, kindly, reclusive, handsome, talented and shy, J. W. Godward's life is still a mystery, a censored book, protected by himself and sealed by his family. Unlike most Olympian Classicists before him, he preferred anonymity and privacy.
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